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November 1996 -

MXG was started to provide web/graphics design, internet marketing, and SEO services, we also had some sales consultation work. The domain mxg.se was also bought back then.

2000 - 2001

We opened up Internet Cafe Stockholm, a multi-gamer internet cafe (Gamertag: ITCA), in the heart of Stockholm. The cafe was in a beta testing group of upcoming new ADSL broadband, supplied by Swedish Telia.

2002 - 2008

MXG Bygg Teknik, MXG expanded into the construction business industry, with project leading, recruitment & calculations. (We are not active in this branch anymore)

November 2006

10 Year Anniversary

2009 - 2010

MXG Co Ltd was started in Thailand, the main focus was computer consultation and tech support service to mostly private consumers.

2011 - 2015

The boosting service Organic Marketing Biz was active, the standalone business has been integrated into MXG. The Facebook page still remains active and has over 50K followers. A similar service is provided but as ExpoService.


The focus has been added towards social media, marketing strategies (the whole concept, not just single parts), both online and offline, against specific customization and customer segments. More search engine optimization (SEO), advertising (SEA), marketing (SEM), thorough analytics, deep insight reporting and trackable result-driven marketing in real-time.

November 2016

20 Year Anniversary

January 2017

Recruitment has been added to the services provided, and we cover all categories and have global coverage.

January - December 2018

Over 3 million visitors to our site in 2018, this was a record for us.

September 2019

The launch of the new homepage (this one) and lots of news has been added.

January 2020

After the launch, and change of the web host, it seems to been stabilized. During 2019 we had 2 065 010 hits total to mxg.se (Swedish), mxg.se/news (the blog) and maxgrid.net (English), we are truly grateful for this. We wish our new and old customers and partners a prosperous 2020.

February 2020

The new site is done and ready. We are trying to make it easier to navigate, find info, and also to get prices on the spot. We also added recommendations to partner sites.

From the desktop of the founder

My name is Tomas, and I'm the founder of MaxGrid. I was born and raised in Nacka archipelago, located just east of Sweden's capital Stockholm.

Always been fascinated by marketing, sales, and the internet. Been working with clients all over the world, the cultural exchange has been really great and a good experience. I have always been an entrepreneur in the heart, and we always give our client maximum value, the MaxGrid way.

We seek to engage in true and honest cooperation to get the most out of our partnership.

Best wishes to your future endeavors,

Tomas M Leppänen

Entrepreneur, MaxGrid


Company information

Company name MaxGrid
Company HQ Handen, Stockholm, Sweden
Full address Träffgatan 2, SE-136 44 Handen, Sweden
Contact person/Head coordinator Tomas M Leppänen
Organization/VAT number SE711020077601 (Sweden/Europe)
Company form MaxGrid is a privately owned/sole proprietorship (Sweden/Europe)
MaxGrid Co Ltd (Company Limited, reg. Thailand)