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maxgrid marketing online


Advertising in the press, local or national. Press releases. Also for specialist/trade-press, publications of news, advisory and technical information articles, and more.

MaxGrid Publication - 1 290 USD

Publication for companies:

  • Reality-based interview.
  • Publication for new product or service.
  • Photography can be added as an option.
  • Customer- or third part interview, after need.
  • Publications times depend on magazines or papers and can vary from 1 week to 1 year.
Launch to all the brand-specific magazines and papers in your specific niche. Contact us for more information.

Radio & TV

Videos for TV commercials, or jingles for radio. Radio and TV is still a popular media to advertise on.

MaxGrid Video Ad - 2 290 USD

Video advertising:

  • Simpler video ad or interview.
  • It can be used for TV, Youtube, social media or homepage.
  • Up to five (5) minutes. Editing and rending included.
  • 1080i HD format, original without watermarks.
  • Music can be included, via creative commons. Copywrite music and jingles can also be arranged, to additional costs.

MaxGrid Radio Jingle - 990 USD

Radio jingle:

  • Radio jingle for radio, podcast or used in videos.
  • Up to one (1) minute. High definition sound. MP3 format.
  • Music can be included, via creative commons. Copywrite music and jingles can also be arranged, to additional costs.
Contact us for more information.


Design flyers, custom made business cards & directly addressed mails. Presentations, sales support, letterhead, letters, envelops, documentation, price lists, menus, brochures, news/papers, magazines, books, folders, door hangers, guides, etc.

MaxGrid Printables Original from 400 USD + 40 USD per additional page

A4 format size (or within the frame format). Flyer, Menu, Brochure, Ads design and more. This is just the original design, no printing included. Contact us for more information.


Uniformity, workwear, cloth branding. We can make designs and price analysis, scout for the best products, apparels, price, and quality.

MaxGrid Workwear - 12 000 USD

Workwear for companies:

  • Design of clothing, 3 models (ex. warehouse, sales, shop).
  • Scouting for the best quality product lines and the best prices.
  • Additional hats, caps, scarfs, and apparel like that can be added to the product line.
We only do the original design and scouting for the product lines, workwear is not included. Contact us for more information.


We can help you to design signs, billboards, placards, bill-posting, etc. We can also make mock-up of products that still are on the drawing board.

MaxGrid Billboard Original - 80 000 USD

Billboard original:

  • High-resolution original design of one (1) billboard.
  • Preview mockup showcase.
  • Free edits and full ownership of the original work.
For an additional cost, we can modify the original to fit for other signs and billboards as well. Contact us for more information.

Marketing Strategies

How does your marketing look for this year, next year, 5-year plan? We can help with long term strategies, SWOT-analytics, and marketing analytics.

MaxGrid Internet Competition - 1 100 USD

Internet competition:

  • Deep analytics of your competition.
  • Complete report after the analytics is done.
Contact us for more information.

Run-away Ads

Get your advertisement where people are on the move, on buses, ships, taxis, trains, railroad, subways, airplanes, airports, and stations.

MaxGrid Run-away Ad - 1 290 USD

Run-away advertisement:

  • One page ad for a magazine (A4 format).
  • Complete design work.
  • 2nd edit and full ownership of the original work.
We only design the ad, we do not make the printed ads. Contact us for more information.

Guerilla Marketing

Smarta low budget marketing. We can give you a helping hand to start your own guerilla marketing strategy.

MaxGrid Guerilla Marketing from 0 USD

Guerilla marketing:

  • It's about thinking outside the box and be creative.
  • Marketing with no or small money.
  • Using the environment to your advantage.
Contact us for more information.


Telemarketing can be very profitable, used with like email promotion campaigns, it can have a significant outcome.

MaxGrid Telemarketing Campaign - 4 500 USD

Telemarketing campaign:

  • The campaign is 20 days, during business hours.
  • 450 calls per day.
  • Informational, marketing research, meeting booker, cold caller, sales and sales pitching.
  • Internal education of service or product.
  • Randomized calling in the area of your choosing.
For specific local area or business calls, you have to provide the call listing. We can buy/research and add that for a charge. Contact us for more information.


We can help you design exhibitions stands, showrooms, help and support, fair programs, flyers, and more.

MaxGrid Exhibition from 35 000 USD

Exhibition includes:

  • Design of the whole exhibition booth, banners, signs, and stands.
  • Booth fully equipped with furniture and appliances.
  • Printables like flyers, programs, cardholders, business cards, and information folders.
  • We will have a professional coordinator at the place before, during and after the exhibition.
Contact us for more information.


Store/Venue controls, with article placement, routing, walkways, store feel, music and ambiance, accessibility, customer adaptation, security, and more.

MaxGrid E-control 3 900 USD

E-control includes:

  • Walkthrough, with ocular inspection and the reality effect.
  • Shelf and product placement.
  • Measurement of volume and ambient.
  • Customer interviews & marketing research.
  • For stores, shops, restaurants, bars, businesses, etc.
  • A complete analysis takes about 3 work/business days.
  • Full report within 7 days after completed analysis.
When you want to get the most from your visitors and customers, catch customer's campaigns or featured products. Menu arrangement, foyer ambience, advicement for walkpath, etc. Contact us for more information.