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Marketing Offline


Advertising in press, local or national. Press releases. Also for specialist/trade-press, publications of news, advisory and technical information articles, and more.

Radio & TV

Videos for TV commercials, or jingles for radio. Radio and TV is still a popular media to advertise on.


Design flyers, custom made business card & direct addressed mails. Presentations, sales support, letterhead, letters, envelops, documentation, price lists, menus, brochures, news/papers, magazines, books, folders, door hangers, guides etc.


Uniformity, work wear, cloth branding. We can make designs and price analysis, scout for the best products, apparels, price, and quality.


We can help you to design signs, billboard, placards, bill-posting etc. We can also make mock-up of products that still are on the drawing board.

Marketing Strategies

How does your marketing look for this year, next year, 5 year plan? We can help with long term strategies, SWOT-analytics and marketing analytics.

Run-away Ads

Get your advertisement where people are on the move, on buses, ships, taxis, trains, railroad, subways, airplanes, airports and stations.

Guerilla Marketing

Smarta low budget marketing. We can give you a helping hand to start your own guerilla marketing strategy.


Telemarketing can be very profitable, used with like email promotion campaigns, it can have a significant outcome.


We can help you design of exhibitions stand, help and support, fair programs, flyers and more.


Store/Venue controls, with article placement, routing, walkways, store feel, music and ambiance, accessibility, customer adaptation, security and more.

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