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maxgrid marketing online

Social Media

We can help you create an account, profiling, branding, start-up phase, posts, content, updates, ad campaigns, and much more.

MaxGrid Social media campaign 1 month - 2 990 USD

Social media campaign:

  • Choose up to 10 free social media channels.
  • The campaign is 30 days.
  • Minimum of 3 posts per week, a maximum of 2 posts per day.
  • Complete report after the campaign is finished.
You get custom made content; Text, images, links, up to 4 videos (max 1 min) during this period. You have something else you want to share during this campaign, we also help you with that. This campaign fits well when you want to launch a new product or service. Contact us for more information.


Search Engine Marketing/Advertising on Google, Bing, Yahoo, those are the biggest, but there are more out there, like Baidu for China, and Yandex for Russia.

MaxGrid SEM campaign 1 month - 1 990 USD

SEM campaign:

  • Choose your favorite search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo or other).
  • The campaign is 30 days.
  • Can be pointed locally or globally, and on the language of choice.
  • We can make the advertising content (with original).
  • Complete report after the campaign is finished.
Want to reach outside your userbase, then search engine marketing is perfect and gives good results. Contact us for more information.

Email Service

Newsletters, autoresponder, surveys, polls, analysis, opt-in/opt-out, handling and building up mailing lists, customer mails.

MaxGrid Email Marketing - 12 sendings - 2 190 USD

Email campaign:

  • Up to 10 000 contacts (your listing).
  • 12 sendings (can be spread out during one year period).
  • We help you design the theme for the sendings (if you need).
A very good way to reach your current clients, newsletter or product or service information. Additional link/button for opt-in options for a landing page or sales page. The list must be yours, we do not send unconsolidated emails (spam). Contact us for more information.

MAXGRID Recommend

Horizon Advertising & Email Lists

What is Horizon:

  • Handle your own email campaigns or let Horizon handle it for you.
  • 4 different easy to use marketing software tools.
  • Customize your lists and criterias, and find new prospective customers.
  • A powerful and cost-effective marketing approach.
  • Have access to email data for over 19M business-related records.
  • World wide website unique traffic service.
  • Bulk email sendings servers and web hosting.
Visit Horizon for more information.

Update Service

Get an update service for your homepage, blog, e-commerce site or help with sending out periodically newsletters.

MaxGrid Update Service - 1 000 updates - 990 USD

Update campaign:

  • Choose up to 10 free social media channels.
  • 1 000 updates, the max period is 90 days.
  • All updates if done in real-time or as agreed.
  • You supply with all text, images, pictures, links, and videos.
  • if you are looking for content updates click here.
It can be done on different channels simultaneously. This is a good way to keep and build up your client base. Contact us for more information.

Presentation & Sales Support

Get interactive, fresh PowerPoint presentations, whitepapers, e-publications, documentation, infographics, price lists and guides, and more.

Presentation & Sales Support - Custom Made

Pricing examples:

  • Powerpoint presentation (10 pages) - 290 USD
  • Documentation & e-publication (10 000 characters) in any niche - 680 USD
  • User agreements, terms & conditions, privacy policies, user documents etc - 2000 USD
  • Technical reports, enviroment policys, technical documentation etc - 2000 USD
  • Infographics, pricelists, guides, reference lists etc, design included - 230 USD / A4
Contact us for more information.

A/B Testing

We can help you out with the testing of different campaigns against each other and make an analysis and compile a report of the data collection.

MaxGrid A/B Testing Campaign - 690 USD

A/B testing campaign:

  • Testing of 2 campaigns on the same ad-network.
  • A time period of 30 days.
  • Analytics is made in real-time.
  • Complete report after the testing campaign is finished.
Contact us for more information.

Get Visual

Visual advertisement for your internet and smartphone-based media presence. Landing-, splash-, & squeeze-pages, banners, box, buttons and full kits for all your advertising needs.

MaxGrid Visual Package - 1100 USD

What does this package include:

  • Landing page, for campaigns, good for single products or service.
  • One page ad (splash/squeeze page)
  • Complete advertising set (banners, verticals, boxes, buttons etc.) for all your marketing needs.
  • Hosting for all these for 1 year, we can provide 1 year of a tracking page with simple analytics
Everything customized around your business design. Contact us for more information.

Traffic Boosting Services

Everyone needs visitors to their site, without them, you only have an empty showroom, we can boost traffic to your site with almost zero delay.

MaxGrid Exposure Service - from 4.99 USD - Read more/Order here

MAXGRID Recommend

EasyHits4U Traffic Exchange Program Online

What is EasyHits4U:

  • World's biggest traffic exchange site.
  • Traffic exchange your site, banner and text ads.
  • Youtube; Get comments, views, subscribers & likes.
  • Twitter; Get followers and retweets.
  • Surf other pages and get visitors on yours, or buy the credits.
  • A lot of tools to help you get more exposure.
  • Your visits can be sorted on time, language, country, and region.
Visit EasyHits4U for more information.

PPC Advertising

There are a lot of networks offering Pay-Per-Click networks out there, we can help you get started.

MaxGrid PPC Advertising Campaign - 990 USD

Ad campaign:

  • You get everything you need (banners/buttons/animations) before advertising.
  • We help you to choose the best ad-network, customizations, and channels.
  • The campaign is 30 days.
  • Analytics in real-time. With a full report after the campaign is completed
Ads can be specific to target and segment, placing (where you add it on someone's site) can also change the outcome of the campaign. Contact us for more information.

MAXGRID Recommend

ShareASale Merchant Advertising

Get your exposure with ShareASale:

  • Grow Your Online Sales Force & Only Pay When It Works.
  • Real-time tracking, see when you ad is clicked, commission generated, and by who.
  • Use tags to segment and orginize your affiliates.
  • Click stream report to see user behavior and intecentize to optimize.
  • Get free training seminars, to get more out of your online marketing.
  • Use merchant API to retrieve and edit data.
Visit ShareASale for more information.

Interactive Sales

We can help you to add some extra options to your site to maximize it for sales, like a simple e-commerce function and more.

MaxGrid Interactive Sales - 190 USD

Interactive sales:

  • You can get a remote page, or we can set up a page on your site with a payment function.
  • Different payment options to choose from.
  • For 1 product or 1 service.
  • You get full support for 1 year.
  • An easy way to open up a "shop".
For more advanced options, please see E-commerce. Contact us for more information.


Do you need an e-commerce site? We can help you build one from scratch, or apply it to the site that you already have. We can also help with optimization, updates, and support. Contact us for an offer.

MAXGRID Recommend

Shopify E-Commerce Online

What is Shopify:

  • Easy to use, and easy to start with.
  • Fast, secure and good support.
  • Marketing tools are available for you.
  • Integrate with apps.
  • Market-leading e-commerce platforms online
Visit Shopify for more information.